Wednesday, April 21, 2010

silly me

I got my hair cut on Saturday which I don't do very often because it's expensive and I forget. But it's been 8 months and I was starting to feel like I was wearing a carpet.

I go to Roxanne at Shagg, and I was actually their receptionist the first year they opened before my dancing career took off, so Roxy really knows my hair. It may not look different to you, but it feeeeeels different to me - so much lighter!

(dress - Urban Outfitters, sweater - Jacob, boots - Miz Mooz)

When I got home after being hailed on for the second time, I made myself some tea - you know on my gas stove. Then I leaned over to shove something into the bottom of the garbage can when I smelled that noxious smell that instantly tells you - YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE! I didn't stop to look, just instantly stuck my head under the sink.

I pulled out a chunk that seemed to indicate it had singed somewhere in the middle then went to look at myself in the mirror - and could not tell. Do I really have that much hair? I still can't really figure out where the missing clump came from. Hunh, maybe I don't need such an expensive haircut after all.


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